on the cards.

– My future projects –

As a very proud worker-from-home, I now fully appreciate TIME. As a previous City employee, I never had time away from those crazy corporate deadlines. Life was always driven on the fast lane and everything else was left behind. Having time for me, I have finally met ME “Nice to meet you, Tatiana. I am glad you have opened your eyes”.

I never knew how many ideas I could have for new projects and how time is so sparse to do each one of them. Life is bursting inside me with all these new ideas and I want to share these with you. Maybe you are in the same boat as I am or you want to board it but don’t know from which peer to jump in or which destination you want to go to. Well, when I boarded this boat I had no clue where to go but I knew I had to jump in and appreciate the fresh sea breeze. And also the onboard bars and casinos. One needs to have fun. Don’t judge me.

Calligraphy portfolio
I am working on my own online font and I intend to share it with you guys in the next couple of months. This came to me when I attended a Modern Calligraphy workshop last December and since then I have become addicted to it. I always had a good handwriting and at school the nuns always praised it. But don’t be fooled as it does not guarantee you success in calligraphy. But I am getting the hang of it!
As soon as my portfolio gets out of the oven I will share it here on the blog and I will also share how I planned it, built it, digitalized it and most importantly commercialized it. Coming soon!

Photography portfolio
How to make money from your photos and how to enhance your footprint on social media. Coming soon!

Creative writing
Being part of the Faber Academi alumni, with the guidance of experienced tutors and colleagues, I have developed and learned the main skills on how to pursue Creative Writing. One of my true passions is to write short-stories, fiction and non-fiction. It is really hard to sometimes put down on paper what goes on your mind and then the gruesome work that editing undertakes is yet another hurdle. Fingers crossed I can soon share with you some of my work. 2017, bring it on!