my story.

As a youngster, I loved writing for school assignments and I even got published in my school newspaper where I wrote an article that we could classify as being, almost, Sci-Fi. Still, don’t know where I got that from and even today my mum still says that she has no clue from where I had that idea… Well, cutting a long story short, I have always been around books, thanks to my mum and my grandmother, and I’ve always had a colourful imagination.

Unfortunately, I have never thought to pursue writing as a career. I was raised in a society that appreciates more someone who works in an office, managing a big team (nothing wrong with that as my dad spent more than 40 years doing that and he absolutely loved it) than someone who is bursting with words on their head and has something to say through their writing. But it is not all society’s fault. My inner voice was calling out very shallowly and I just went for the easy and expected track, enrolling on the same degree as my dad had. I am an Electrical Engineer and I have always worked in the telecommunications field. And only now, after overcoming several less good moments in my life, have I truly found out what I am meant to do. Thank you inner voice for getting the best speaker and amplifier set, making me hear you loud and clear.

We are our own worst critics. As you all know, we always think what we do is not good enough (still, can’t explain what good enough is…).We always have that creepy, Gollum-like, inner voice that says that we are not good enough and that is afraid of what others might think. Well, from the top of my thirty-three years of existence, I say f*ck them. We all have something special to offer and we need to stop comparing ourselves with others. Each one of us is unique and beautiful and skillful at something from writing to flying a plane, to eating a pack of Oreos in thirty seconds to remembering the lyrics of every single song. We just need to embrace ourselves as we are and own it.

I truly hope that sharing my words, my struggles, my highs, my lows, my travelling adventures, my career footsteps and my moments alone with anxiety and depression can encourage you to pursue your dreams and to fight your fight with weapons fully loaded.

Thank you to all my pillars that I have always been there for me. Thank you my love, thank you mum, thank you dad, thank you grandma, thank you my gorgeous (and stubborn) dog, thank you faith, thank you my true friends, thank you football, thank you gin & tonic, thank you Lenny Kravitz, thank you “Allo, Allo”, thank you gin & tonic (intentional repetition), thank you paper and pen, thank you pizza.