how can a simple black pen be so powerful.

A black pen can set you free as you put down on paper all of your most intimate thoughts.

A black pen can set your mood for the day as you transform your look through wobbly eyeliner flick.

A black pen can heal your shattered heart as you write all the words you did not have a chance to say to the ones that have already passed away.

A black pen can set you off when you’re trying to wash away those stubborn marks that the ink left on your hands.

A black pen can make you grumpy when you look at that wonky misplaced eyeliner flick on your left eye.

A black pen can reset your mind as your strikethrough all the imaginary anxiety-driven thoughts you wrote down on the back of a Tesco receipt paper.

A black pen can ruin your favourite off-white Cos sweatshirt bought on sale after you had to track down all the internet.

A black pen can start a whole new life chapter on your life as you sign the mortgage contract of your new apartment.

A black pen can make your memories endure for many years to come when your grandchildren read your published books.

A black pen can bring you happiness after you’ve signed your puppy’s owner’s contract.

A black pen can never do wrong.
The ones who own it and draw their lives with it can do all the wrong in the world. Just look at my wonky eyeliner flick this morning…

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