tatiana’s tips: how to recycle your wardrobe.

The one that complains. A lot.

Sometimes I get a gentle reminder from my husband under the table (no, not that type of shit from Fifty Shades of Grey; filthy minds) to shut the f*ck up.

Do you know that girl who is always complaining about stuff? The one that says that there’s a certain condiment left out of a beautifully braised beef, or that a Zara blazer’s fabric is going to wrinkle like crazy (well, she can only afford that now so shut the f*ck up), or that a delivery service from a ready-to-go-juices company is f*cked up as they left their supposedly “fresh” produce in a warehouse for the weekend but hey, it’s fresh as f*ck (yes, it happened with Natural Blender’s service, already did my review here in the blog) or that queue system is not working properly leading to higher customer waiting times (did business improvement at my City job, can’t help going on about this) or that a huge name in food retailing puts Portuguese wines under the Spanish denomination aisle (people at Whole Foods, get your geography right)?

That’s me. Yep. I’m like a Miranda Priestly from “Devil Wears Prada” type of complainer. High standards for me everyone. I expect less than perfection. If you think I’m being too hard on you, I can tell you I’m a million times harder with myself.

Maybe my perfection will come in handy and that is why I started my “Tatiana’s Tips” segment. Since moving to London, I have tried and tried plenty of online services and products and I want to share my point of view on them. Expect honesty and expect praise as well. Don’t expect any sugar-coating, though. No free lunches for me, just me being myself living in this big city with plenty to offer.

How to Recycle your Wardrobe: Vestiaire Collective’s review

Since taking on the freelancer baton, having Givenchy and Gucci bags in the wardrobe did not make any sense to me. Yes, they were beautiful to behold and to wear, and believe me it was tough, but one needs to think ahead, in the long run. So Vestiaire Collective became my number one friend.

It is a French e-commerce platform for luxury clothes and accessories (however, you can find items from Zara, & Other Stories and Maje; and you never know what your mum or your grandmother have in their attics as the platform also sells vintage items). It has several thousands of users already registered and I have to start saying that I was a bit apprehensive to use it at the beginning.

What is their commission? What are their standards to accept my items? Will I feel safe sending put my items through a delivery service? I needed to sell my items and I needed it fast. All these questions were partly answered through their FAQ section so I had a go at it.

SELLing ITEMS at vestiaire Collective

I have already sold several items on the platform and I have to say I am pretty happy about it.

  • Their mobile app is pretty good and straightforward to work with (after a couple of needed upgrades)
  • Taking photos and setting up the profile for the items to be sold is a pain in the ass
  • Had to retake some photos as they were not cleared by the curation team (got there in the end)
  • The descriptions are really important so take your time to build them up correctly (visit the brands’ website and take cues from there)
  • Study other similar items to yours on the platform and play with that when setting up the price
  • The price negotiation with the curation team is also hard as they always undervalue your items but in the end they always gave in a bit (yes, their commissions are already shy high but you are using a tested platform with several thousands of potential buyers and with teams that make sure your items are really genuine and not counterfeit)
  • Some items sell fast, some don’t. This is a very seasonal game so be patient
  • The potential buyers can send price offers your way directly and you can always negotiate (they can always buy the item directly on the platform for your full asking price)
  • The potential buyers can also send your comments or questions around your items (expect some nasty ones of competitors selling the same items as yourself)
  • As soon as the item is sold you just need to print put the delivery note and you can either call for DHL to pick it up (by far the safest method) or you can either drop it off at a collection point near you
  • You do have to pay for the delivery package (depending on the size it can go up to £5) but the transport is all covered by Vestiaire
  • You can track where your item is and when you are going to receive payment
  • They do bi-weekly payments (on the 1st or on the 15th of each month)
buying items at vestiaire collective

OK, OK, I did buy an item at Vestiaire. Remember the post around the perfect handbag for me? You probably don’t. I know “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is far more interesting than reading my gibberish. Well, I found it. Finally!

I prefer to have a good quality brand product that having several from the high-street retailers. So I am now the happy owner of a vintage Louis Vuitton Saumur bag. I had to research a lot. Luckily, I found out a private retailer with several vintage bags and this one had an amazing quality-price relation. Yes, it is an old bag and yes, it is not straight out of the runaway but it’s a classic. I always wanted to have a Louis Vuitton. Since their

I always wanted to have a Louis Vuitton. Since their pochettes were everywhere on the counterfeit markets. But I wanted the real deal. As soon as I laid my eyes on their out of this world stores in Paris, Rome, Singapore, Dubai, Florence, I knew I had to have one. But there was always something that was unappealing to my eyes. And that was the very light-colored leather on the handles of the bags. That is why I love vintage even more, where the leather has gained patina and it gets that darker hue that just makes the leather look easier in the eye.

The process of buying it was very simple. The seller did not accept any price negotiations but the price was very good. Therefore, I snapped it there and then. The seller sent it to Vestiaire really quickly (you have a maximum of 3 days to send the item over to them and you are being constantly reminded to do that via email). The quality control was also very quick though the delivery took longer than expected. I had to wait almost a week and a half to have it. And the tracking number they gave me always had the same status and I had to wait almost a week and a half to have it. And the tracking number they gave me always had the same status.

I love opening deliveries. I was so excited to get it but I was expecting so much more. It came in a standard delivery package (maybe not to draw too many attention to it) and inside of it a plain branded plastic package. In my humble opinion, I think Vestiaire should address this. Their unique brand and high-quality services should be reflected in the packaging and for me, it screamed the opposite making it disappointing. The handbag came out of its dustbag with no bubble wrap or anything around it. However, a good experience overall. You can find true gems in the platform and it does offer confidence to use their services. I would definitely recommend it and I will definitely use it again. Hopefully to buy a vintage Hermes (in my f*cking dreams).


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