ja’crispy daily.

Yo yo! It’s that time of the week, yet again. Ja’Crispy’s here.

Will try to post more about Gertrude soon but the kidnappers are on standby now. They had to take holidays now, their manager said that they had to as Sally from Fish got married to Bob from Home Appliances (they both work at Tesco) and they are on honeymoon now. So they had to cover Fish and Home Appliances as well as Feminine Hygiene. At least Gertrude is having fun. And drinking Margaritas (she posted a pic from their holidays last night on her Instagram). But I still can’t figure out where they took my Gertrude…

Oh well, went to the park today with the crazy human. The logistics of it was simply dreadful and having to get on the bus was the worst part of it. But having said that, the rest was a breeze. At least for me. Got to run after some babes, got to have mud treatments for my paws (it does help moisturizing them; the crazy human did not like this part of it) and got to play wrestling with a couple of dudes. I got punished by the way. Apparently, I did not respond to the human’s commands. I heard her. I just did not want to do what she was saying.

Had a blast today but got ambushed when we got home. Can you believe she gave me a shower?! I was so clean with my freshly moisturized muddy paws! Got to sleep for the afternoon after this one.

Need to go and think about the menu and which cutlery to use for this weekend’s party. Margaritas time! Over and out.

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