happy birthday mum.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful mum.
I hope you have a day filled with happy moments and thoughts which I wish you carry with you forever. Good health and smiles, please never leave my mum’s side.

One of the most f*cking terrible sides of anxiety is constantly thinking about what is going to happen with your loved ones and thinking about when you won’t have them around anymore. I think about this every single day. There is no drug that makes this shit go away. There is no sentence that will make my head get wrapped around this inevitable side of life. I think about this every day, about shit that is yet to happen. But today I am choosing to live in the present. Today I am choosing to be happy for my mum and happy that she is OK and by my dad’s side. I am happy that they are going out and get drunk to celebrate this day.

This is the day my mum was born several years ago (will not mention dates, no worries mum). The day an angel was born. The day a strong woman was born. Mum, I love you with all my heart. I miss you every day. I miss your pancakes every day and I will make them for dinner tonight. Happy Birthday mum. Happy Pancake Day all.

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