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I have two weddings this year in two different countries and I can’t wait to attend them. I love going to weddings (not because of free booze, but it helps). Probably because I miss mine (how I wish I could go back and do it all over again; my husband would beg to differ on this one) but also because love is being celebrated with your closest and if someone asks you to be part of it, it is truly an honour. We always do our best to attend weddings (who we have been asked to attend; though we have crashed into a wedding back in Portugal as soon as I started dating my husband; he thought I was crazy; baby, I am) but being in a different country it can get a bit difficult to juggle logistics.

Both weddings are in the summertime and in countries where the sun does not stop shining (and I don’t stop sweating). So I can start dreaming of Summer in February. You can say it is too early to start looking at dresses but I miss the heat, the warm breeze in my face, having my hair drying out with no hairdryer in sight, drinking a margarita and enjoying the sunset at 9 pm. Tatiana, back to reality now. Storm Doris has gone but the cold is still here.

How about reusing your previous wedding guest outfits?

My husband already said that the wedding guest dresses that I have already worn and are in my closet are perfectly OK. Well, husband, I do love one of them but I don’t think it fits anymore with this new junk and the other ones I am not in love with them anymore (who would have guessed?) I need two new dresses. I do (I don’t). I will take into account the new reduced budget (the perks of being a freelancer with yet no steady income).

Already asked the husband for endorsements. He grunted. I smiled and gave him a kiss and said: “I love you”. He said, “OK, fine”. Easy, peasy. But still on a tight budget. Zara, there is nothing you won’t solve. But in the meantime, a girl can dream.

Having second thoughts as I write this as I have remembered I do have some very good options in my closet. Why not? I’d rather save up for a holiday (husband is high fiving now). Kate Middleton repeats her outfits, why shouldn’t I?

And never put black aside for a wedding. It always looks classy. And it disguises my “lovely lady lumps”. However, white is a no, no for me. Never upstage the bride. Don’t want bridezilla in my way.

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