big boris and small boris at dubrovnik.

Why Croatia? Why not? The direct air route between Lisbon and Dubrovnik had just opened (way before Game of Thrones had started I have to mention) so why not? In three hours time, we could be in an amazing city with good weather, good food, good wine and pebble beaches. Did not think things through on the later, however, being from Madeira, I should have been used to it but no, these Cinderella feet were not and still are not.

We will always remember the flight on our way there. And the return one as well but in time I will share it, keep posted. The pilot spoke like a true poet, we just laughed and laughed all the way through. As soon as we flew over major cities (“Oh Rome, the city of romance”), he just started dumping all these poetic phrases. It felt like we were in the middle of a football game but where the players were words and the ball the compass of the music and the coach the pilot just commanding the words with such melody like a maestro. Bravo. Thank you so much to all the cheerful pilots that we have met in all our adventures for taking and bringing us safely through the world of clouds and to making our dreams come true (some exceptions here; I have been through many adventures up there and having to land on one of the most dangerous airports in the world, back home in Madeira, they just keep piling up).

Dubrovnik, we have touched down. Waiting for the transfer to the hotel. And still waiting… And… Waiting… Oh, my dear husband, I love you to bits but sometimes I just want to say give him a spank in the butt (great butt by the way). Basically, he gave the hotel the wrong details about our flight so we had to wait, a bit more, just a little… But the boy did good, we got to be driven by a super funky driver in a uber cool Audi A8 listening to Portuguese music that we did not know it was Portuguese. We just moved our asses on those super smooth leather seats and learnt that “Danza Kuduro” was Portuguese after all. We always have great starts to our holidays.

Just one last note before going to bed (exhausted from all that poetry and kuduro). The receptionist had a super funny accent (probably Russian and sorry for laughing at it, ours isn’t better with everyone saying that we sound like cats, just shhh shhh shhh-ing away…) and I laughed my pants off on our way to our bedroom. Did not want to laugh in front of her as she seemed very not so kuduro. Funny lady tough but an assertive one. “7 to 10 breakfast!” (you have to imagine this with the accent, and no we were not drunk at that time but we were heading there). Yes, ma’am, point noted.

My lovely husband chose the romantic package, therefore, the bedroom was all romantic filled with flowers and we even had champagne. In the morning when we opened the window we were just struck with the view, just on top of the ocean with a huge balcony just for us. We had discovered THE spot for those vacations, no better place to watch the sunset drinking champagne.

On top of our list was to visit the old town of Dubrovnik. We strolled around inside the walls and then we got to go all the way around on the top of the walls just watching down to all the small and picturesque houses, the fishermen heading to their faith with an array of fluffy heads awaiting for their return hoping same fish will fly into their whiskers. It was utterly speechless to be lucky to glaze that scenery and it turned to be a scorching hot sunny day which turned to be half fun. I say half fun because we got sunburnt on only one of our sides very trendy to have one red lobster arm and one pale white as snow).  Oh well, at least at night no one noticed. Just yet another small note. The Croatian people do not prime by their sympathy, so just remember to leave your true Londoner away when getting on the bus as one needs to forget how to queue. Ahead is the way we learnt.

F*ck, forgot to talk about breakfast. It was really amazing for a four-star hotel. We just ate and ate and we had champagne (holiday mode, don’t judge). Just make sure you get there on time or else you won’t be able to eat freshly made pancakes.

Second day. We headed to our pebble beach, that I must add was fantastic, with warm and clear water. What more can one ask? Just a piece of advice, wear your flip-flops if you have Cinderella feet, as I do, and try not to lose them when you are swimming, as it happened to me. Funny guests that the hotel had. Yes, besides us. We got to notice two couples that were very particular (yes, we are nosy). One of them was clearly Russian and the husband was just bossing around his wife and we just tried to revive their dialogues with the accent (nope, there was not any alcohol in the beach bar). We called them Big Boris and Small Boris. Don’t ask why, it just sounded adequate for those two. The other couple was like Barbie and Ken and she did not handle the goggles very well. Yes, we have sad, sad lives you might think. No, we don’t. We don’t take ourselves very seriously and we needed a distraction from looking for my flip-flops on the water and playing Uno.

By now we were on our way to dark brown skin mode and we were having a blast. But we get bored easily and we are always moving around (come on, I don’t pay to travel to the other side of the world to spend my day at the swimming pool; for that, I have my bath tub and it’s quite less expensive). We decided to go on boat day outs to visit the nearby islands. Will tell everything about it on next week chapter.

But before I leave (yes, I am a pain in the ass) I would like to share where we stayed in Dubrovnik and I will also try to remember the names of some of the restaurants we have been to (drunk too much alcohol probably but I will try to remember them).

Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel 5*

Restaurant Levanat

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