what the f*ck to wear when you’re wfh*.

*WFH= Working From Home

i.e. as when people think you don’t have a schedule and you spend the day playing Solitaire or doing your nails and that you have an empty agenda so everyone can just barge in whenever they wish (nope).

Well, this is tiring so you need comfortable clothes to do this with. No cashmere here as I cannot f*cking afford it.

I tried a new mantra early this year: to wear the same outfits I wore when I worked in the City. I tried but walking around in heels and in tights is just f*cking bonkers. My puppy loved chewing the heels. The tights made my ass itch (they also did when wearing them at the office but I couldn’t scratch my butt in public and now at home, I am scratching it all the time; my puppy even gets amazed how I get to scratch more often than him). And indulging in chocolates and cookies mid-afternoon in a sharp white shirt is not functional. And doing make-up every day just for the sake it is just silly and time-consuming. And who da f*ck am I trying to fool? My husband isn’t around so he cannot see me like this (and trust me he has seen me waking up in a cyclone-devastation-aftermath-scenario so it’s kind of safe to say he loves me as he hasn’t run away yet). But I do put on my mascara. Or else I look like Shrek.

I am still midway embracing this new type of clothing, the loungewear or whatever they want to call it. I am still wearing the first jeans and sweatshirt I can put my hands on in the morning before opening officially my eyes to the world i.e. prior to my espresso shot. This may sound frivolous but clothes are a huge deal for me. It’s how I express myself to the world without even opening my mouth (sometimes the best way I can present myself as I am known to sometimes throwing away some hard truths to people). I need them to express my mood and my goals. And trust me, some old jeans and a baggy sweatshirt (well, I love baggy sweatshirts, that ain’t changing) do not reflect my mood now. I mean serious sh*t so I need to look the part. And my ass needs some space to maneuver so comfy pants are a must. My mood board today can seem a bit dull but building up a strong basics base and then adding my own colourful bold accessories is key to versatility (and savings; I don;t have J.K.Rowling’s bank account; well, at least for now).

See ya outside walking the dog with my new comfy pants (do not fool yourself, they will be sexy as f*ck) soon. Have a good one.

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