my love for the humble t-shirt.

I have always been more of a Sporty Spice than Posh Spice, with a pinch of Scary Spice and a half teaspoon of Ginger Spice (sorry Baby Spice; I have been blonde for a while but did not feel any Baby Spice vibe). I’ve always worn trainers and I absolutely loved t-shirts and hoodies. So, you can imagine that I am now jumping for joy like Garfield does when he sees lasagna (I guess I do the same; I LO-VE lasagna; a cue for my husband, luckily).

It is really trendy now to pair a vintage t-shirt with an upscale midi skirt or even with embellished jeans. This is a combo that speaks closely to my heart and that I have sported for a while now. Fashion works in cycles as the financial world (there goes being married to a financial geek). Unfortunately, I did not foresee that when I was younger and living for the moment and not really caring about fashion as I did not keep my mum’s old clothes or even my own old clothes. So I am being careful with what I keep now. I have started to declutter my wardrobe (still a long way to go and still trying to find a good app that helps me sell my mainstream items) but I will always keep my “vintage” section of items I wish can come back in fashion. I try not to follow too much the new trends but I guess I work as fashion does, with my fashion sense working in cycles. One day I am loving my new items and feeling overjoyed when wearing them and the next I hate them. Maybe I am just plain crazy (probably).

I am now trying to invest in t-shirts, good quality ones, that carry a message with them. My husband will thank me for it as every week I raid his t-shirt drawer. I love his baggy t-shirts with skulls, waves and sports illustrations (and I also love his linen shirts and his Alexander McQueen sweatshirt but the later is off-limits).

I love my Fridays as I have an excuse (if I really needed one) to scroll down through all the fashion websites, looking for my lust list items (I can go on this for hours; just get me cookies and water and I won’t leave my home office; oh, and some chocolate).

I hope you enjoy my choice of must-have statement t-shirts as I’ve enjoyed doing it (don’t forget to visit the men’s section; this season I have bought two Zara men sweatshirts and their fabric and cut is amazing; luckily they don’t fit my husband’s wide shoulders). And I’ve already bought that Zara’s Alf t-shirt, I had to. Childhood times flashback.

Have a good one and remember that on Monday it will be sunny (if the BBC guys get it right; and yes, yet another miserable weekend; oh well, one always have gin & tonic; not, I am not an alcoholic, I am just a lover of giggles induced by it when looking at my husband, not having a clue what I am laughing about, and he then too starts to laugh and one starts to remember our past travel adventures on how lucky we are to have such good memories).

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