when distance brings you closer.

My dog is sniffing my hands as I write this. I think he wants to take control of my laptop but you had your opportunity yesterday, dude (I love him to bits and he has helped me a lot through some dark times but he can become a diva sometimes. With whom have you learnt this, I wonder).

I wanted to write this for a long time. I am lucky to have friends from all around the world, a WhatsApp message away. We do take things for granted. I did. I’ve only started to appreciate how amazing my parents are when I left home at 17 to go to university. I’ve only started to appreciate the greatness of my hometown inheritance when I moved to Lisbon. I’ve only started to appreciate my husband, then boyfriend, when he left for a one-month holiday period at Cape Verde when we only had dated for three months (yes, I knew then and there that he was the love of my life; he had the holidays already booked before we started dating, at least it was what he said). I’ve only started to appreciate Summer when I moved to London. I’ve only started to appreciate my small tacky crammed restaurants in Lisbon as soon as I started eating a Pret sandwich in front of my laptop at the office. I only started appreciating walking to school when I had to do my daily commute to Newbury to work at the client’s offices. I only started to appreciate my friends when we moved around cities.

As soon as we moved to London, and when we went back home, we always, always had dinner with our friends (the best friends one can have and the ones I miss every day). When we lived in Lisbon, as we saw each other at work, we just thought that was enough and we hardly had dinner or something else apart from that. And now that we are in London we talk more, I share more and we have more time together in Lisbon. It made realize how lucky I am to have met them. I was doing something that I didn’t like but it was in that context that I met some of the most important people in my life.

And it is now that I appreciate my childhood friend who I have known since I was a baby. She knows me and I know her. No matter what. Even not being together every day (one does not need that) we know we can trust each other.

It was here in London and in Wales (in a place that I cannot pronounce) that I have met three wonderful strong funny women. We try to see each other often but I know that they are there for me if needed. They have my back. Always.

I had to come to London, 1600 miles away from my starting point (with a little venture in Lisbon to meet my husband) to appreciate all of this and to get hit in the face on how lucky I am. Or maybe it is just age speaking and probably I am getting wiser (don’t think I can become that, I will always be a child at heart and mind). The grey hairs are here but how I look into life will never change. And damn right I will be wearing my ripped jeans and my cool trainers at 90, armed with eyeliner and red lips (and with a hearing aid and diapers probably as I won’t be able to control my pee after laughing like crazy when looking in the mirror). Bring it on life. You have brought me a lot of shit but, oh my God, how lucky am I to have my parents, my husband, my dog and my friends. They have my back. They are the reason that I’ve never lost my smile and I am every day grateful for them. Now bring on the gin & tonic as this shit is getting too corny and serious. Always have a laugh at all the shit life throws your way. Yes, you need to be in a better place to do it but please don’t stop trying. Even in my darkest moment, I had a laugh at myself. It made me laugh for a couple of minutes and my husband smiled and laughed as well. That was worth it. Well, make it a double gin & tonic now. Need to go as my dear diva puppy is calling me to go outside.

See you tomorrow for my Fashion Fridays.

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