when we almost lost our boat in brazil.

From Brazil, we can summarize as highlights our trips with Ivan Ruy, really. Not to shorten in any way the beauty of the region of Rio Grande do Norte. The adventures that we spent with Ivan Ruy, our buggy driver, and all the adventures he shared with us are simply amazing and not to be forgotten. He is a remarkable man.

We witnessed Brazil’s way of life at first hand, how people with so little are so so happy, always with a big smile and life to give even when their floor is being pulled underneath them. We met Dona Gilda, Ivan’s wife. I will never forget her, her pain and her dull eyes. She was an extraordinary woman who made Ivan Ruy who he was. And yet their floor was being pulled off their feet. I am a bit afraid of getting back in contact with them because I fear for the bad news. I cannot be this selfish, though. Mental note, get back in touch with Ivan Ruy.

Oh, the beauty of having 30 (and something) and already having a life so full that I am already starting to reminisce on old good memories. This is probably age speaking. But I am proud of my greys (but I still dye my hair, thank you very much L’Oréal ).

Well getting back to our adventures, off we went with Ivan Ruy in another adventure but now heading south to Pipa. Not as exciting as going up North to hit the dunes but lovely beaches all the way. We were supposed to see dolphins but, as always, we got jinxed and no dolphins were seen. But we did get to see a famous beach shaped as a heart and where everybody takes pictures but Ivan Ruy does not take the tourist route, oh no. Off we went, again, to our Brazilian butt massage heading to Pipa through another natural reserve made by exhilarating dunes.

Pipa is a lovely little village with roads paved like the ones in Portugal. Heartfelt to see that our influence continues in this brother country separated by an ocean but together in memories. We went on a stroll to the beach to fill our hearts with joy, watching the sunset involving us in a rich heavy warm orange palette and we just stopped in that minute in time. Up until we saw a couple arguing about the all essential how-to-take-proper-photos-of-your-girlfriend-making-her-junk-look-good-and-her-legs-longer-there’s-no-filter-for-that-I-am-screwed. Sorry Instagram husband, for all the photo repetitions I made you go through. Women can be a pain in the ass.

Rapaziada temo que ir, a última balsa está indo embora!” Quick translation, the boat that brought us across the river was about to leave for the last time that day and we were late, very late. I still do not know how we did it but we made it. Still managed to get to the gas station, still managed to put that buggy speeding on the asphalt (it is not the buggy’s environment since their tires need to be emptier than regular car tires to better drive in the sand). I just got the most amazing rush as it was almost taking off the ground. We had the boat waiting for us in the middle of darkness with a chorus of guys shouting out loud “You are always late, Ivan!!!!”

We made it to the hotel, to a good hot shower and to a good meal at the bar. Well, were we going to sleep after this? No. What did Ivan Ruy remember to invite us to do? An important football game was to be held in Natal’s stadium and what did we do? We went to support ABC, the local football team.
The buggy drivers are like gods in Natal so Ivan practically stopped the buggy in the main entrance of the stadium for us to get off. We just had a small problem. Ivan only had one VIP bracelet and we were three. How do we fix problems à la Brazil style? Like one does in Portugal. Ivan entered first, then he passed the bracelet through the rear gate and then I put it on my wrist and I entered the VIP section (I was in!) and then I did the same for my husband. Boom, all in. Beer all night long and I even got to learn the cheering of ABC’s fan team and I even swore at the referee. I suppose that’s my innate swearing capability shining through. I hardly had started prep school when my dad took me to the stadium for the first time. Swearing, cheering, explaining an off-side and throwing things at the referee are some of my most amusing things I remember from my childhood and…OK, I still do it.
Unfortunately, ABC lost but at least we got to experience the real football experience: beer in the stadium. There is nothing like a cold one watching a football game in the stadium.

Exhausted, now in the hotel, images flying inside our heads (probably this was the beer, thoughts on this?), hearts full and head too (mostly in the morning after when I got a very nice woman dragging me to the pool to do aerobics to the sound of samba, oh my dear head). And we had power cuts all night long as a tropical storm hit us hard. But at 4 am the sun was shining brightly. Therefore, time to get up, have breakfast and do it all over again. Our last adventure in Natal will end next week. I just have to say that I have some very cool pics from my husband. And we did canoeing, and we did buggy driving, and we did rodízio for dinner, and we did caipirinhas, and we did sore bums. All before catching the 2 am plane back home. Yes, I get back home tired needing holidays from the holidays but life needs to be lived to its fullest. Go for it. Do everything you are entitled to. Create memories. Smile whenever you remember what you have done and you dream about what still awaits you out there on the other side of the world.

Have a great week guys!

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