dinner at snaps + rye.

I have already mentioned that I love my neighbourhood. However, I would like to state it again (you are going to hear this a lot, tough luck). We are truly lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing array of stores and stalls and restaurants and delis. And these are run by the kindest, smiliest and warmest people who wave us good morning across the road, who ask us how’s our puppy doing when he’s not with us and who know our likes and dislikes by heart. I want to celebrate these through my words and I will try to bring my reviews of their food and service and share a bit of their story through my Q&As section.

This past Friday we had the loveliest dinner at Snaps + Rye at Golborne Road. It was a beautiful and unexpected Christmas gift and we even got to take Ja’Crispy with us. Who by the way was the star of the night with all eyes on him. As he likes it.

The restaurant presents itself as one should expect from a Danish restaurant. Clean white sharp lines with a minimalistic decoration echoing a beachy calm vibe. It is a warm environment, though, with throws and cushions to make one even more comfortable, almost an at-home feeling.
It is always a pleasure to be greeted by one the staff and by the big smile of co-owner Jacqueline.

Each week Snaps + Rye presents a different set menu made by two starters, a choice between two main dishes and a dessert. More than enough to step outside after the meal rolling on the pavement. All fresh produce, all Nordic inspired.

It was recommended to us to start off dinner with a Nordic cocktail. “Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy” type of decision. “Two, please!” The

Nordisk Mojitos

were to die for. A hint of dill popped through due to the use of Dild Akvavit, a Danish dill-flavoured alcoholic drink. We had two beautiful canapés to start with, followed by the

White Crab, Green Apple, Roasted Cashews, Curry Oil, Rye Crisp

starter. Fresh crab meat accompanied by the apple’s acidity and the crunchiness of the rye crisp and the roasted cashews. I can probably say it was one of my favourite dishes of the evening. But the

Deep-Fried Hen’s Egg, Scorched Greens, Pickled Mushrooms, Vasterbottensost

topped it. It was amazing. The egg’s coating mixture was crunchy and tasty and the pickles acidity was a great contrast. And my guilty pleasure, the melted cheese, the Vasterbottensost. My first time tasting it and I really enjoyed though I need to sample it in its “natural” state. One more item on my food wish list.

As we always do in tasting menus, one of us has the meat dish and the other the fish dish so we can both taste both dishes. It is quite handy to have a non-picky eater as a husband to be able to do this. I started off with the

Roast Snaps-Cured Var Salmon, Dill Potatoes, Salt Cucumber + Radish

The cured salmon was truly the hero of the dish. Love the way how the Snaps’ team cures its salmon. It just elevates the flavour of the fish. And anything with dill wins me over (I was born in a fennel paradise and only here in London have I learnt about dill and how it is quite different from fennel) I then got to taste what was left from my husband’s meat dish (when he’s hungry this swap game sometimes doesn’t work out for me…). The

Pork Tenderloin, Black Pudding + Liver Roll, Carrots + Thyme

was again hitting the nail on the head. I LO-VE black pudding, I LO-VE liver. So, the roll was absolutely superb and the pork wasn’t left behind, as it was tender and juicy.

We then had the lovely waitress asking if we wanted the cheese platter. We were full, yes. But we are Portuguese so we are used to eating a lot and eating great quality food. So, bring on the cheese. We can’t say no to it. These cheese plates were an extra £6 each. Not expensive at all for the quality of what came next. We had

Godminster cheddar with Peter Yard’s crackers

The cheddar was a cheddar comme il faut and the crackers were one of the best I have ever tasted. Really thin and crunchy and with a subtle taste not overpowering the cheeses it lays down with.

And to finish this off, an incredible feast for my tasting buds. The

Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Berries, Ginger Cookie

was everything I want in a dessert. Sweet, fresh, crunchy and fruity. The panna cotta was impeccable, with a spot on creamy consistency. The berries are a match made in heaven and the ginger cookie was the cherry on top of the cake.

We have visited a lot of restaurants so far (from three Michelin stars to the humble everyday restaurant). Accept my words as humble critiques on the restaurant’s food and service. I am not a food critic, I am not paid to do reviews and no one gave me any free dinners to do so. I love food and I always have. My parents and I used to drive for miles and miles to go somewhere special to eat. I always enjoyed eating everything even the strangest things (i.e. pig’s blood, lamb’s brains, fish belly, pig’s trotters; thanks, mum).

For me sitting down to have a good meal is sacred. Imagine my horror when facing the Pret-sandwich-looking-at-my-laptop’s-monitor-reading-BBC’s-news-in-the-office-with-someone-making-loud-chewing-noises-next-to-me-making-me-want-to-punch-them. Food makes me happy, it makes me smile. And it also makes my junk look bigger. But it is a setback I am willing to accept as I will not stop eating what I love for anything. There is no diet, no fashionable new food concept or a catchy headline. Only after doctor’s orders and even then I will have to assess the pros and cons of such a misfortune.

Please come and visit this amazing place to have good proper Danish food at an affordable price in a warming setting with great service. It’s always a good excuse to have a stroll along Golborne Road on a calm and lazy Sunday morning. That’s we did today. We just can’t get enough of it and we had to have brunch at Snaps + Rye (I will soon share our favourite dishes for brunch). And we left with a smile and a happy tummy.

Snaps + Rye
93 Golborne Road
W10 5NL London

020 8964 3004

Tuesday to Wednesday: 8:00-18:00
Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 8:00-23:00
Sun: 10:00-18:00
Monday: Closed

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