saturday wisdom by yours truly.

You fall, you get up.


You get KO, you clean your wounds and wear them with pride.

You get shit thrown at you, you throw kisses at who threw it at you (dicks).

Never let anyone or anything restrict you.
Fight it with all you have. Full speed ahead.

PS – Every week I will share my “picture of the week” taken by me. This Saturday I present to you a picture taken by my husband with his fancy phone with dual camera Leica lenses (I sometimes hijack it, the photos always turn out amazing; yes, it’s the camera not him that’s a good photographer; don’t let him know this; well, actually he’s a really good one; don’t let him know this either). This is Canary Wharf by night from the balcony of our dear friend’s apartment. Love this view but I am West side girl in my heart (every time I say West side I always remember Ali G with his “Do you want to see the real Big Ben?” type of comments; again, one of the odd balls thrown by my head).

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