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I have days as I don’t feel like writing any word. My mind is a turmoil of words, scenes, dialogues, monologues, settings, “if then else”s code lines, scenes of suspense and comedy all at the same time. This morning I just can’t build a conductive line on my thoughts.

Someone told me an interesting analogy on the human brain. It is basically made up of boxes. Men have fewer boxes than women and they have one that is filled up with nothing. My husband lives up there a lot. When I start to nag him, I already know that he’s out. Women’s boxes are all tied together, in endless loops and we have the most absurd themed boxes. The anxious brain is worse than this. It has endless loops that form a mesh that does not leave an empty space on your head and all the boxes are filled with indecipherable words that you don’t know how they got there. And then you have the strangest thoughts thrown at you by the crazy characters from the Inside Out movie, who once in a while throw a ball with lyrics for a Justin Bieber song that you don’t remember listening to and, God forbid, the lyrics suck but you know all by heart.

I still remember looking at a photo of a copper network of a given country when I started out working in the telecommunications field. One could not see the ends of the copper wires as well as which wire went to which home. So when someone had a malfunction they did not try to mend the existing connection. They just built a new one. And I know now that picture actually represents my brain. Each day I get a new variation of my amazing fiction stories up there but instead of changing the connection between the boxes, I just get a new one added.

However, I can work really well in the middle of chaos. I have to say that I only know how to work like this and it makes me feel alive. I still remember back in the days of my old office job, when my director called me in the morning (I wasn’t even in the office) with a network issue and customer complaints and he wanted me to find out what was happening, I had to build a presentation by the end of the day to be shared with the board. I loved it. Made my blood go at light speed in my veins and I delivered. That is why I need to step outside of my comfort zone, especially now that I am working from my cozy home office. I need to do sh*t that scares me. That’s when I will be able to grow even more.

Here are my Fashion Friday moodboards to cheer up my brain mesh (and to add another code line to my “Happy Box”).
Have a good one.

* All photos below taken from Unsplash fantastic photo contributors ( and from the respective brand’s websites.

Zara – New In

Uterque – New In

Bimba Y Lola – New In

& Other Stories – New In

Anthropologie – New In

Maje – New In

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