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Finally, a post title that means something. This post is pretty much about what it says on the tin. I am going to share my new-found addiction in online shopping. I have to confess that back home in Portugal I never used much this shopping concept. I was a bit of a disbeliever (and a “disbelieber”, though his music gets stuck in my head like my puppy Ja’Crispy with our socks when he manages to steal one from the top of our bed). How could anyone buy something through a screen without engaging the touch sense? Will the pants look good on my junk? Will the trainers be too small? Will my tomatoes be all squashed? Will the postman judge me? He is a cool guy by the way but he is afraid of Ja’Crispy (how can a grown-up man be afraid of this cute little stubborn pain in the ass?).

We Londoners are spoilt for choice. We can have everything delivered to our doorstep. I mean, eve-ry-thing. Don’t get me wrong. I walk a lot more here in London than I used to do in Lisbon. I went everywhere by car. Everywhere. Because I love to drive (one of my life passions inherited from my dad; I can still remember him teaching me how to do handbrake turns and my mum yelling at us to stop. Good times.) and because the public transports are bad. And because I was lazy (still am, sometimes…). We don’t own a car here in London and I think it will take long for us to have one (we are thinking on bringing our beautiful classical car from Lisbon, let’s see how that goes. But it will only be a “weekend” type of transport). I love the tube (except when I had to enter the Hammersmith line tube heading West at Farringdon station between 5.30pm and 6.30 pm on a weekday). Yes, even with the strikes and everything. Yes, I work from home. But I spent two years with a devilish commute (doing London-Newbury or London-Bracknell and back on a daily basis was tough. But I liked the adventure. Yes, adventure as I didn’t know if the train would leave on time or ahead of it – it happened – or if I would get lost changing trains – it happened.) and I could not praise it more even with all the hiccups here and there.

Going back to the online shopping, me and husband need to come clean and say that we are Amazon addicts. If we need the strangest item (don’t let your imagination go wild here…), we will always find it there. And sometimes with same-day delivery. I mean, same-day delivery. That is crazy! I remember when I had to order contact lenses in Portugal and I had to it with some time in advance, usually a month. Here, I can have them the next day. “Shut up! What? ” I said to the lady at the counter as she was apologizing for not being able to have them in that day.

These are some of my online shopping experiences so far. I will share more on next posts (I have a gazillion of them and if I start listing them all now you would asleep halfway the list; well, you’re probably already asleep by now…). Some good, some bad but I hope these can help you bring a bit of fun to your day (I am f*cking sick of the f*cking weather this week; come on London, how many variations of grey clouds do you have? Oh my blessed gin & tonic…).

Category: Everything you can think of
Amazon (
We have Amazon Prime so we can have almost everything within a day or we can even have a same-day delivery. You can find everything here. We even changed from Ocado to Amazon Fresh. We had a really good experience with Ocado. Really nice drivers and the items were well packaged. But Amazon Fresh delivers everything in an even neater way and lets you change the order almost to the last second.

Category: Food
Nespresso (
Even if they sucked (which they don’t), I would never ever let them go. I need my caffeine. It can be a bit pricey (free delivery only when ordering more than 200 capsules) but come to mama. And they even have an app. Good stuff (love this expression; thank you old City job days).

Uber Eats (
Love them. Why? Because they have the restaurants that Deliveroo doesn’t have. And their driver tracking is a cool feature. Ping Pong and my precious dumplings, you are so worth the wait.

Category: Clothes
Zara (
I love running around the Zara aisles. I really do. But I can’t stand them during sale season. I already know my sizes and I always do a site survey before purchasing the items online (not on sale season). It’s easy, sometimes they have different colours or sizes available and everything comes really well packaged. And no waiting in line for a smelly cubicle with small curtains that always let your ass on display.

Cos (
I never seem to like their clothes when I go to their stores. I used to but now I can’t seem to pick any of the items as they all seem the same on the hangers. The monochromatic doesn’t appeal to me. However, when I visit the online store, getting to look at the clothes on models, it completely changes my mind. As well as Zara, everything comes really well packaged, with care and attention to the delicate items.

Category: Healthy stuff
Natural Blender (
Love, love the concept. On a weekly basis for around £25, you get a box full of ingredients enough for ten smoothies. They give you the recipes and you just need to peel and chop and put it in the blender (I chose this option though you can choose to have everything already peeled and chopped). It started off really well. I was excited to get my box every Saturday morning and I loved doing smoothies for me and my husband for breakfast. But… Appalling customer service. They mixed up my payments several times (took money from my account when I had already paid). I know sh*t happens, believe me, but how they handled it was appalling. The worst was yet to come. One Saturday I didn’t get the box delivered and it stayed on a warehouse up until Monday. There goes the advertised freshness out the window and they did not do anything about it. And I don’t want to get started on the recipes typos (and forgetting ingredients) and the fallacious photos (had a vibrant green smoothie on the photo; ended up drinking a brown mush).

Category: Flowers
Bloomon (
Subscribed to their service last week. I choose the fortnightly plan so I will be receiving a beautiful bouquet every two weeks for £25. I got the vase for free and I don’t need to worry about going to the store anymore and picking the flowers and damaging them (I’m a bit clumsy, almost going for clown territory). And the surprise element is just what I love the most about the service. You do get a text a couple of days before with a one-hour time slot and you can choose your preferred time of the day to be in to receive them. Loving my flowers so far. Loving London so far.

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