sneezes and savoiardi biscuits.

Feeling under the weather but with a smile from ear to ear. I just love when hard-working humble people win. Federer, it was a pleasure trying to hold my restless puppy from going outside for a piss. You are living proof that you don’t have to be a dick to conquer the world. And age is just a number. Great game.

Last year, my husband found out Felicity Cloake’s column at the Guardian and since then we’ve become fans. I rather enjoy reading about the origin of the recipes and she always provides her own (proven) twist on it. We have tried several recipes under her guidance and this week we shall start with Tiramisu. My husband’s favourite. And she doesn’t hold back on the cream and on the booze.

Don’t worry, no germs were harmed during the making of the Tiramisu. I did it last week and obviously, my husband devoured it soon after. It is a rather simple dessert and a really yummy one. It does take sugar. Don’t care. Life is too short not to enjoy the good stuff. So, if you are looking for “clean” eating recipes  (or whatever that means), you’ve come to the wrong place.

Each time I do it, it doesn’t take long for it to disappear so this is a Tatiana Daily signed-off recipe. Thank you, Felicity, for making my life easier i.e. I can ask anything from my husband whilst he is gulping down the Tiramisu and I always end up enjoying a shot of rum while the Tiramisu sets in the fridge.

Before attacking the savoiardi biscuits, I would like to share a few tips:

  • I assemble the Tiramisu on a 20 cm trifle bowl. The following amounts are enough for a three-tiered Tiramisu but, under my husband’s guidance, for more generous layers I will try to go for 1,5 times the bellow quantities. Yes, no diet on the Pina Mendes household.
  • When we ran out of Marsala we have used Cointreau or Madeira wine. If it has alcohol, fine by us. But Marsala is the way to go.
  • Dipping the biscuits is the key step. Too soggy, you run out of mixture and you can end up with liquid on the bottom of the bowl making the cream not “creamy”. Too dry, you don’t get the coffee flavour and most importantly no booze flavour. I “perfected” it to making two turns on each biscuit into the mixture (I am flying away on the Tiramisu ranking ladder).
  • Have a husband around to whisk the egg whites (good excuse to check his biceps in action)

Felicity Cloake’s “How to make the perfect Tiramisu

The perfect tiramisu
(Serves 6-8)
– 4 eggs, separated
– 75g caster sugar
– 450g mascarpone
– 2 tbsp sweet marsala
– 2 tbsp dark rum
– 100ml espresso
– About 16-24 savoiardi biscuits (or boudoir, if unavailable), depending on size of dish
– Cocoa powder, to dust

1. Whisk three of the egg whites until stiff, then set aside. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until pale and voluminous, then whisk in the mascarpone, a little at a time, until smooth and well combined – you don’t want lumps of cheese. Gently fold the three whites into the mascarpone mixture with a large metal spoon, being careful to knock as little air out as possible.

2. Stir the booze into the coffee and pour into a shallow dish. Dip each biscuit into the liquid until it is a pale coffee colour, then arrange to cover the base of a shallow glass dish. Spoon a third of the mascarpone mixture on top, followed by a good sprinkle of cocoa, then repeat the layers, finishing with a layer of the cheese and cocoa.

3. Cover and refrigerate for six hours before serving – you may need to dust with a little more cocoa to make it look respectable.

Prego! Enjoy with a spoon.

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