I love heels. I cannot walk in them, though.

I love heels. I cannot walk in them, though. Probably because have crooked feet, or because my brain just can’t process “right foot then the left foot” in heels or maybe because I don’t have Gisele’s flare (that woman can walk the walk). I know that it comes with practice but at the end of the day is it worth the blisters? I love a woman in heels, don’t get me wrong.  She becomes sexier and more confident. However, I can do the same in trainers. Trust me (just need to throw the granny panties back in the drawer and put my sexy underwear on; that usually does the trick). If my husband is feeling it, I am a happy woman.

Heels just don’t work with the London commute. Period. However, I need to point out that I have seen some pretty awesome ladies running to catch the train in high heels. I can’t. When I had the horrible two-hour commute two years ago, my trainers were my best friends. The heels were in my backpack and they were just for my “commute” between my desk and the loo and that was about it. They really made my City attire i.e. white shirt, black trousers/skirt look cool. It was my way to let my (big loud) personality shine through.

I possessed the infamous Louboutin’s Black Pigalle (I’ve already sold them, thank you Vestiaire Collective). I adored looking at them. I adored how they made my legs look longer. But I did not adore how it made me walk like a scared Bambi looking for its mother. But they did the trick when we went to Alain Ducasse’s three-stared Michelin restaurant “Le Meurice” in Paris (I don’t think I could have worn trainers to that but, with that bill, I thin they should have let me in my pyjamas). Either way, I still have my Dior heels, just in case. And because they were my first ever luxury designer buy. And because they led me on my wedding day. And because they are simply f*cking amazing.

Here are some of my favourite choices on trainers out there as we speak. Tonight I am going to sport my brand new Nintendo Vans (I loved playing Super Mario on my Game Boy; you can call me geek now) to my girls night out with my gorgeous gals. At least I can do the don’t-fall-because-you’re-too-drunk walk when catching my Uber.

Game on!

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