bullet points and “peculiar” traits.

I am grateful for a lot of things. I have been through a lot (I don’t like to compare life experiences, each one of us has its own hell to walk through). But I have the best parents one can ask for. They never walked away on me. They never left my side. They never stopped smiling even when life was a bitch to us. They never stopped believing in me. I do believe in angels on earth and they are certainly two of them.

I want this blog to me a mirror of me. And that means you will get happy posts, angry posts and sad posts. Because that’s how life works. Social media has had a huge impact on how we face life. One needs to realize, again, that life is full of happy sh*t and not so happy sh*t. If you look through my personal accounts you only get my happy moments. But behind those, I had a lot of not so good moments. I want to share those in here. I want to help someone who is going through a rough patch with my words as I was helped when reading about others stories on anxiety and depression.

Going back to my parents (you can notice I am a bit selfish; only child, don’t judge; I will stop talking about me now). I love them to bits and they are the reason that I have a torn heart and that I am still not at 100% in this new country (also because of my dearest friends that are still in Lisbon, you know who you are). Looking back now, my heart has been like this since I left home when I was 17. And no, time does not help nor heals this.
See? Selfish. Still taking about me. And by the looks of it, you will have to bear with me for a little while longer. Though luck. You can stop reading now if you want. Watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is more interesting (I do think the same…).

My husband always says that I have inherited the “peculiar” traits from my parents. “In a good way, my love.” says he. I still don’t believe him. But let’s list these. Yes, bullet points are a thing here. I am an engineer. Need to structure my words. Not much of a novelist here (But, what if books changed a bit? ).

From my mum I inherited:

  • Overthinking about everything, even about the smallest of details
  • Kind and always ready to help everyone
  • Stubborn like hell (like proper stubborn. When things don’t go our way, we sulk.)
  • Believing in everything/everyone (my dad always tells jokes and we fall for them like ducks)
  • Enjoying all things related to food (I eat everything thanks to my mum. If I dared not to eat what she made, I’d get grounded. So, I better eat my vegetables. But I still cannot eat custard apples. My mum used to shove down my throat her special mashed fruit pot and it stank to custard apples.)
  • Being strong as a rock. Never letting the bad things get to you and always, always turn things around for the best. Never quit. Never. Though I am still learning this every day, being inspired by my beautiful mum.
  • Love for fashion. I inherited my mum’s great taste in beauty, fashion and decoration. She was and still is a beautiful woman and back in the days, she rocked the hell out of those mini skirts. She did not care about others thought. She was seen as a vanguardist but people thought it was disrespectful. Jealousy is a stupid thing. She always made clothes for me and I keep precious memories of them. I loved listening to the noise of my mum’s Singer sewing machine and sometimes she let me use it. I learnt how one can express himself through clothes.

From my dad I inherited:

  • Hot tempered (I can seem sweet on the outside but I sometimes make Mount Etna seem like a small, innocent hill)
  • Stubborn like hell (even worse than my mum; if we are wrong, we take a long time to go back from our point of view)
  • Bossy like hell (my dad was a company director and he had to boss around almost 400 people, he loved it. But, don’t get me wrong, everyone loved him. Well, most of the time. I am a very proud daughter)
  • Love for smiles, laughter and partying. Oh, and alcohol (just a bit). I cannot forget how I got drunk with my dad when we went to have lunch one time. We got out of the restaurant and we did like thirteen go-arounds on a roundabout, trying to read the exit signs (don’t call the police). And the one time I left a club at 6 am and my dad was there as well (in the club, not waiting to get me home). We got out together. He did not remember where he had parked the car. Two drunks trying to find a car in a parking lot. Fun.
  • Always look at life’s brighter side. Always. No matter what.
  • Passion for classic cars (my dad was a racer in the old days. I will tell you more about this later but I have to share that he offered me a red Fiat 850 Sport Coupe from 1970. This car drove me in my wedding’s day as my dad did with my mum. One of my life priorities is to keep it in order for our kids to enjoy it.)
  • Wild and restless. Living life to its fullest. Make it count. Make memories.
  • Passion for driving (I still need to get used to driving on the “wrong” side of the road.)

I need to translate this into Portuguese for my parents to read these carefully. But not now. I will give it a bit of time. Need to catch them on a good day (this is more about my mum; we women can be a bit tricky sometimes with our moods; I know this for a fact, I am one of them). But  I did list good traits, not just the less good ones (need to pave my way into Christmas presents and be a good daughter).


P.S. – R.I.P. Rene Artois. “‘Allo ‘Allo” was one of the best series ever. It became an important part of my childhood. I always asked mum to stay up late to watch it. And I start learning English with it (though not by listening to Office Crabtree’s “Good Moaning”s). Good memories. But man, how I feel old when someone does not know about the existence of this. Younger generations, this is a must-see.

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