lazy like a sunday morning. well, actually, like any other morning.

I am not much of an early riser as I L-O-V-E to sleep (always did) but morning is my favourite part of the day. There’s nothing quite its light. When we do get the sunshine in London (can’t really complain, thought it would be a lot worse). A contradiction then. Love morning light but can’t wake up to appreciate it. That’s me. A complicated human being with a lot of contradictions. But that’s what makes me fun, right husband?!

I decided to do breakfast for my husband today. He bloody deserves it as he is my best friend and he puts up with me (not easy). I decided to go ahead with one of my favourite recipes of all time that my mom did all the time for tea time (no tea for me back then, I just wanted to gallop all the food that I could without breathing; food was always a thing in my life; my ass can attest for that). I was talking with my mom this week on the phone (I spend hours on the phone with my parents; I miss them so much) and this came up. So, as I was salivating just by thinking about these, I had to make them this weekend. The basis of the recipe is my mom’s but the bits and bobs that go with it are partly mine and partly from the coffee next door in Portobello Road, Bluebelles (we used to go there all the time, even with service being bad; however, the last couple of times we went there I could not cope with such bad customer service; when one has the best coffee shops just right next door to it, one leaves without looking back; Lowry & Baker, I love you guys!).

Today there is not an ingredients list nor a method. It is just freestyling as I like to do so many times. Sometimes I just don’t have the patience to follow orders. What if I don’t want 100g and I want 120g? What about that, kitchen police? (I would probably end up with a mousse instead of a cake; surprise! you did not see it coming!).

Name for this? French toast à la Tatiana Daily.
OK then. Yesterday we bought plain croissants at Fabrique (amazing bread by the way; I will talk more about them on the blog soon on our Q&As). I’ve opened them in the middle, bathed them in milk and let them rest on the side. I whisked two eggs with a bit of sea salt and put a bit of butter in a frying pan. Bathed the croissants again now, on the egg, and off they went to the frying pan. In the meantime, I mixed a couple teaspoons of sour cherry compote with greek yogurt (don’t stir too much and keep a bit of the white of the yogurt and the cherry of the compote unmixed). As soon as the eggs are cooked and the french toasts have a bit of colour in them (more of a brownish type of colour), they are good to go. Plates they went. Yogurt mix on top. Raspberries and sliced bananas rain. And the pièce de résistance, flaked almonds and a drizzle of agave syrup. Et voilà.
I woke up the husband. Made Earl Grey (for me a cappuccino; need my coffee in the morning) and the plates went clean in no time. That’s what I call a perfect sunny Sunday morning.

Next week, Tiramisu time. I will be sharing how I got along following Felicity Cloake’s tips and advice on how to make authentic and tasty recipes of the classics based on their history. No modern influences. Just how they are supposed to be done.

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