junk in the trunk.

I have a big ass. Always had and always will (probably when I am 90 it will be hanging midway my legs. Hum, not a good picture to envision. Husband, delete this bit from your memory.). So, when I find trousers and jeans that fit this junk in da trunk, I just want to get them in all colours, as it is truly the same as finding a unicorn.

My starting point for jumping on the sales boat was my list of basic items to own to make your wardrobe happy, your morning dilemmas easier to solve and your ass look good on the lift’s mirror (I know you do that).
I have strike through some of the items but I still have a long way to go (as my piggy bank). Sale season is always great to find quality items at a more achievable price. Did not do it this season as, I have already mentioned, I just starting my freelance sh*t and it will take me a while to get my feet on the ground.
But still, I’ve managed to buy some quality jumpers from Cos (I love their clean, effortless and chic design). And (drum roll), I have found trousers that finally solve my small-waist-big-ass problem! They were not on sale but they had a reasonable price tag and they fit. They fit. I still cannot believe it.

I took a cue from one of the fashion tendencies for 2017 that I absolutely love: one colour, head to toe. Mixing different hues of red even looks amazing, even when adding a bit of pink in it. The greens, yellows and light greys are great colours to do it as well.
So I had to buy a forest green (dark green for me; Pantone, you confuse me) jumper with ruffles on the sleeves (I am a ruffles girl) that will go so well with my beloved trousers in an olive-green hue (a more easy colour name finally). Besides these new additions to my packed wardrobe (Still need to do that important new year’s clean up. I am finding it difficult to separate myself from some of the items but I need to unclutter my wardrobe. Uncluttered wardrobe, uncluttered head.), I have purchased those beloved trousers in black and an off-white jumper (both jumpers on sale; really good quality merino wool). By doing this, I have ticked two more items from my basic items list. Happy girl.

It’s Friday!! Get your dancing outfit on and have a go at the dance floor. Even if it’s just putting on your headphones and dancing on your own in your bedroom with your lounge pants on and messy hair dancing like crazy to B-52’s “Love Shack” or to Whigfield’s “Saturday Night” or Boyzone’s “When The Going Gets Tough” (not me… Oh, and I cannot forget Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts)”.). Dance it off. Own it. Shake it.

Black trousers and off-white jumper both from Cos

Olive green trousers and forest green jumper both from Cos


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