a charcoal mask and february’s vogue uk.

Yes, I quit my City job. Yes, I hated it. Yes, it did pay well, really well. Yes, I am working from home. Yes, I am a freelance writer. And yes, I love it and I needed to give it a go before I get to that age that sorrows and regrets pop by into your mind.

No, I do not play Solitaire all day (though I love playing it). No, I do not scratch my balls all day long. No, don’t come to me with that bullsh*t “Oh, I wish I could do it. Just being able to relax…” (If you want to do it, just do it. Don’t just talk out loudly and stay still and dormant. And it’s not all relaxing time. You own your time now and after ten years of “being owned” you need to learn self-motivation and self-“stay-focused-don’t-let-others-get-to-you skills”.). And no, it is not a dream job. It also does have its downfalls but boy, how being able to say “I am working for ME.” sounds liberating.

Yes, I have a schedule. And being perfectionist and stubborn as hell, I work long hours. I always did. But now this is for me, not for yet another powerpoint doc to be shown to the board on if we have the correct customer equipment installed. No, it’s not easy owning your time. You need to be ruthless with yourself. And you need to have a plan, a well-detailed plan (still building that though but I am paving my way there). Yes, I am happier now. Though I think happiness is a state of mind. But I now have time to appreciate what I have, who I have beside me, what I do and how I face life. No, this is not bullsh*t. One needs to make the most of the time that has been given to us and my time needs to be spent doing something that shows who I am and something that means something to someone.

I am fighting my fight, as I always fought. Been through a lot of sh*t (I am not pitying myself, I would never do that and I do know each one of us has their own battles going on) but I just want to point out that this sh*t is what makes us who we are you. Not sh*t, obviously. But fighters. damn hardcore fighters. And through my blog, I want to share how I coped with my sh*t. Sh*t that probably a lot of you are going through but are afraid to say it out loud. Don’t be ashamed nor caught up on your sh*t. Don’t let if define you.

Wow. I have written “sh*t” a lot. Well… Tough luck. This is me. I am from Madeira, Portugal so get used to this.
And now I need to go and get a charcoal mask and read February’s Vogue UK (love, love, love Vogue UK). Working from home has its perks. Damn it, I need to get the most of it. Not ashamed at all. I’ve worked for it. And the husband likes it.

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