forward roll face off.

Yo yo!!
Ja’Crispy here (I am taking over this sh*t tonight; crazy human, go and fetch me a treat.).

Last Sunday. Not too bad a day. Humans want to annoy me. What do they do? Take me to the park. Don’t get me wrong. I love running around and scaring the humans as I sometimes pretend not to hear their “Come. Come, Ja’Crispy.! F*cking come her!! No more treats for you!!!). But I was lazy and I wanted to rewatch “Top Gun” (Goose dies, spoiler alert haha). But off we went. By bus. Hate the bus. We got there. I sniffed some asses and then it started to rain. What happens then, you may ask?

//Probably not. Not much of an interesting story this one. Go and watch the news. Way better to look at Trump’s face than to read this. You go and do that. Good decision.//

Humans continued to make me run around. In the rain. Ruining my hair. Well then, I had to make the most of it. What did I do? I did a f*cking Walker, the Texas Ranger aka Chuck Norris aka the Greatest, forward roll.
Humans got excited. I could be a huge movie star. No. I’ve already got too many fans. With this hard Brexit stuff, May does not let me go. And on the other side, I have jealous Merkl with the “You’re a f*cking German dog” card. Not easy. This is great but there’s much a dog can take.

Need to go and finish my crochet sweater. Over and out. 

* The picture at the YouTube video above was taken  from, no changes were made, @Jesse1974

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