Do you know the guy that in every single party tells the same jokes, over and over again, always laughing hysterically, like it was the first time he had ever heard them? And do you know the guy that is always rushing out of the house or the store to have a smoke when the ladies are still getting ready to go out? Oh, and do you know the guy who’s just bossy, demanding and stubborn at work but at the end of the day is the first one to grab the team to get a beer and have a laugh?

I call him Dad.

I’ve always looked up to my Dad.
I can still remember going to my Dad’s office as a youngster and watching everyone looking at him with admiration and respect. He was my Dad and I was proud of what he had achieved.
Being born in Madeira in the 40’s was hard. Our family didn’t have a lot and my dear grandmother had ten children. A lot of hassle and juggling was done by my grandparents.
My grandfather had a mechanical garage and my Dad grew his love for cars whilst working there. He always loved to drive and entered several car races in his teens, winning some of them. My mum was dragged into these, she even went to church in my Dad’s old race car!
“You have to shave your head…” were the most fearful words my Dad’s long, dark, brown locks could hear… Colonial war had erupted and it was time for all young lads to go overseas to fight. Luckily, my Dad was spared as he was midway doing his engineering masters in Lisbon and he got discharged. But the scissors came too close…
Studying in Lisbon was a feat as my Dad was the first in the family attending university. Money was not elastic, meaning that he only came home for Christmas and Summer, travelling by boat as by plane was too expensive.

“I almost slapped your father that day!” said my mum.
Do you know that guy that is so full of confidence and just goes for it and steals a kiss from his love interest?

I call him Dad.

On my parent’s first date my Dad was already KO by my mum’s legs and smile (yes, in this order and he still is KO). I know I’m biased but they are the perfect partners in crime, always having a laugh, enjoying their friends and smiling with their eyes when life’s light just gets too dark.

Oh, do you know the guy that is always watching football and screaming at the coach, inviting him for an early retirement, or is always arguing with the telly when he disagrees with someone else’s opinion but still carries on and does not change the channel?

I call him Dad.

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