my quest for a day-to-day handbag.

I.e. affordable, stylish, edgy, good quality and big enough for all my sh*t that I carry around. Oh, and it has to be a crossbody bag. Having a dog that takes me for walks and with all the running around, getting on the tube/bus, everything needs to be hands-free and easy access. I have had several huge bags that were not crossbody and they just get in the way. I am not sure if my shoulders are crooked but handbags always seem to slip off my shoulder and I am always grabbing the strap and boom, no hands-free option. And I am not that type of person who carries her handbag like Victoria Beckham (love her!). I am more of an on-the-go-can’t-wear-heels-have-too-much-sh*t-going-on type of person so a hands-free handbag is a must.

Google is my Akinator and everything I am thinking about, he guesses (no publicity here). I have done a thorough search of affordable (i.e. they are not from Givenchy nor from Zara; midway is good enough for me) and cool new brands and I was happily surprised that there’s a solution for my problem (and my wallet). Before purchasing any new handbag I need to sell my old ones on Vestiaire Collective though (if you have any questions on it, just let me know; pleasantly surprised by it.). However, I have started my search and I am already building my wish list. It doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

Also, this is a good time to invest in a good handbag. With all that “New Year, New Life” crap, why not? And then you have sale season! My wishes were completely deflated as soon as I started browsing, though. All the ones that I liked were out of stock or they were not on sale. But still, you have some good options out there. I am just picky. I can be a pain in the ass, as my poor husband can attest. I just need to feel some connection to what I am spending my money on. If it doesn’t make me feel excited, it just won’t do.

Enough of chit-chat for now. I have selected my fave handbags at the moment. Fingers crossed, one of them can be mine soon and I can start filling it with crap (no! That’s my new year’s resolution: decreasing the quantity of crap I walk around with.). And the nominees are:

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