houston, we have lift off.

Yet another blog?!
Yes, you got it right. Yet another blog. But it’s my blog.

What makes it so unique?
Well, each one of us is unique and I am telling my story, my way, no bells and whistles, just me.

What’s it about then?
I will be sharing my daily take on life in London.
My fight against a closet full of stuff from which I only wear 0.0001% of its clothes, against anxiety, against depression, against the fears of being a worker-from-home, against my dog’s farts, against oven-burnt cakes (who knew I could enjoy cooking? Though still not too patient…), against monkeys and lizards in our bedroom (no, don’t worry, not in London. Just one of our many adventures around the world.), against self-doubt, against not forgetting, against being part of normality and against the so-called feminists (women need to empower women. Curves, unite. This is our moment. Don’t let anyone put you down!).

The message I want to spread is a basic one though a strong one: just be yourself and do what you want to do. No one will live your life for you. Life is too short for virgin cocktails or light cream or doing what everyone is doing or not having your own voice. Just f*cking do what you got to do. Can you fail at it? Yes, you can. But you get up and start again but this time wiser.

Before I leave you for the weekend (enjoy it… London’s f*cking freezing.) someone is biting my ankles right now to remind me that he also has an Instagram account. My puppy, Ja’Crispy, at @jacrispydaily. Expect complaints about me. I promised him guest appearances on my blog in return of no poop in the house. Keep an eye on the blog and I will keep an eye on his ass.

And finally, if my words make you smile, that’s my job well done and my pat on the back. If my words can help you in any way (even if just to criticize them… Bad publicity is just as good as good publicity.) just spread them and pass on what others have given me to enable conquering my “Everests” of life.

Join the fight at http://tatianadaily.com/.

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