same skirt, different countries.

When you don’t know what to do with your hair and the hairdresser is even crazier than you are, what do you do then, you might ask? Well, you transform yourself from a proud brunette into a red-lip-on-the-go platinum blonde.
Loved channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe (I only sing happy birthday, in that way, to my husband) but I need my long, dark locks again asap.

I also loved wearing this skirt in two completely different occasions.
In a more casual way at the London Fashion Weekend last year where I attended some interesting live conversations (the photo where I am trying my best not to laugh when doing this awkward poses) and in a more glammed up way to one of the funniest weddings I have ever attended (also trying not to laugh whilst tucking my tummy in). My junk in da trunk looks bigger, though, but who cares? Wearing this skirt gave me lots of joy. That is the role of fashion. Expressing yourself and providing you with a smile to face the day ahead.

I always attach memories to my clothes. One of my inspiration sources to write is to go through my old photos. I adore looking at these awkward photos and reminiscing on how drunk one was. Great times. Need a reprise.

Side Note: I will never, ever act seriously for long.





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